Minisode #4: Spoilers and Spoilers and Sonic

Ash and Steven are both sorely behind in their film education. Ash is a fanfiction writer and afficionado, Steven is an aspiring comedian and general purpose nerd and both are seeking to fill in the gaps in their essential viewing experiences, and sharing that 'new viewer' experience in Why Haven't I Seen This?, a movie review and discussion podcast for movie nerds and essentials-deficient alike!

WARNINGWe discuss the Fargo TV series to some extent, and while some spoilers were removed, we may have spoiled by accident. Skip to 13:00 to avoid them. We also openly discuss the endings to Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite. Some spoilers exist after 1:10:00.

Ash and Steven will see The Breakfast Club next week. This week, we discuss sad reality TV, a Sonic the Hedgehog movie that it is even partially live-action, pollution, a lengthy and honest discussion of Anime boobs and Ashlee learning the term 'Skinemax', Steven learns that he can't actually explain anime to people, more anime, Billy Zane being wrong, and Vegas magic.

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