Minisode #3: X-Men, Concessions and Pinched Nipple

Ash and Steven are both sorely behind in their film education. Ash is a fanfiction writer and afficionado, Steven is an aspiring comedian and general purpose nerd and both are seeking to fill in the gaps in their essential viewing experiences, and sharing that 'new viewer' experience in Why Haven't I Seen This?, a movie review and discussion podcast for movie nerds and essentials-deficient alike!

Ash and Steven will see The Good, The Bad and The Ugly next week. This week, we saw X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Along the way, we discuss dog voices, Napoleon Dynamite, more discussions of movie concessions, telepathy, past and future beast, the necessity of throwaway movies by way of nipples, Michael Bay, film critics, and haunted houses. 

We reference a picture of Geisel, which can be found here:

'Time In A Bottle' is by Jim Croce and is used for comedic purposes.

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