GOAT: Deece Casillas of The Social Hour

Andrew got one of those rare opportunities to interview a geek one on one, and what an interview it turned out to be! A lot of laughs, and some insight to who Deece Casillas is.  The Social Hour podcast is a podcast that has recently been brought into Pants Pending Studios, and here is your opportunity to meet the man behind the show.

All music by Kevin Mcleod (Incompetech.com)

*In the future these shows will be aired upon their out podcast channel, making them easier to find among the slaw of different shows produced by Pants Pending Studios.  Keep checking back, and watch our Facebook page for the change, and what new channel to watch.

GOAT: Two Bards: Scott C. Brown & Andy Dopieralski

Alternative Titles:

  • Drakkarium Vs Two Bards: Non-Canon Crossover
  • Valentine's Day Special
  • Extended Addition
  • Two Bards, One Drakk

Andrew is joined by Ben Honeycutt in the co-host chair, as we sit down with the Two Bards.  Scott C. Brown and Andy Dopieralski, from the Two Bards, One Mic podcast.  Many of you will know Scott as Leo/Flynn the Fine from The Gamers: Dorkness Rising and The Gamers: Hands of Fate.  Andy does most of his work behind the camera, on things like Journey Quest and The Gamers: Hands of Fate, however you can catch him in quick roles in Hands of Fate and Natural 1.  This turned into a long episode, but it's fantastic, we had a lot of fun recording.  Check it out, and make sure to check out all the things below related to our guests!

Two Bards, One Mic Podcast: http://www.twobards.com/

Support Journey Quest 3!!!: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zombieorpheus/journeyquest-season-3

Geek of all Trades: Adam Musa

Today's guest is Adam Musa, who is the host with the most of the Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz here in Spokane, WA.  Geek Who Drinks pub quiz can be found all over the country, and today we learn a lot more about the Geeks Who Drink company, and so much more fun details. 

Find a Quiz near you, apply to be a Quizmaster, or just check out all the fun things about it at: http://www.geekswhodrink.com

Find Spokane's show at Pacific Avenue Pizza at 8:00pm Saturdays: 2001 W Pacific Ave, Spokane, WA


Find Coeur d'Alene's new show at Growler Guys at 7:30pm Tuesdays: 225 W Appleway Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID


"Motherlode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Geek of all Trades: Cheshire Cat Studios

The Drakkarium's Merlot Williams had the privilege of sitting down and talking with some of the folks from Cheshire Cat Studios.  For a quick idea of who Cheshire Cat Studios is, if you haven't heard their name before, here is a quote directly from their website's About us section:

Cheshire Cat Studios has had a turbulent history. Originating as LaughingMan’s online presence for his own personal work and some of his early reviews, the site has since grown into an online community of like-minded cynics with a common vested interest in the entertainment industry and internet subcultures.


Today we have CCS's own The Fuboo, CineMax, and LaughingMan, all sitting down with Merlot, for an extremely fun interview.  We absolutely love getting to sit down and talk with fellow geeks, and we are very thankful to have them on the show.  You will also see this cast on their YouTube channel at some point as well.

If you would like to check out what Cheshire Cat Studios has to offer here is the slew of ways to find them:

Cheshire Cat Studios dot com

Their YouTube Channel

Also found on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Tumblr

Geek of all Trades: Fevenis Silverwind

Today's Geek of all Trades podcast is very special.  We have a very special guest with us today, one of Ingress's unsung heroes, Fevenis Silverwind.  He is one of the leaders of Decode Ingress, which has been the best source for Ingress news, hints, app teardowns, and new player tutorials.  They started out being our source for all the new passcodes, and expanded into so much more.  Thousands of people follow Decode Ingress for all sorts of Ingress news and more, and today, we welcome Fevenis into our studio.  Tune in to hear a bit of how Decode Ingress runs, and a few hints at things to come. Find him on Google+: http://google.com/+FevenisSilverwind

Geek of all Trades *Special Edition*: Steven Bateman

We welcome you all today to a special edition of the Geek of all Trades podcast.  Today's episode has a special guest joining us today, Steven Bateman.  What makes this podcast special?  Well, Steven's work is time sensitive, so we wanted to make sure to get this out quick enough so you could catch one of the many things he does.  Steven is a comedian, improv actor, and entrepreneur.  It was fun getting to know him in The Drakkarium studio, and we hope you enjoy the show.

Steven Bateman:

Why Haven't I Seen This? Podcast: http://whyhavent.libsyn.com/ghostbusters-1984 or Find them on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/whistshow

His improv shows can be found at The Blue Door Theater

Check out the Vapor Lounge in Spokane, and ask for the Select, to try out Steven's e-cigarette products.

He mentions the studio he partners with the produce their new podcast as being stolendeskstudios.com, however as a correction the link is actually - www.stolendesk.com

Geek of all Trades: Galaxy Lapse

On this edition of the Geek of all Trades podcast we have a very special guest in the studio.  We have the very talented EDM artist that composed and produced the theme song to The Drakkarium.  Merlot Williams and Andrew take some time to get to know Josh, aka Galaxy Lapse, in this interview.  We learn a lot of what it means to be an EDM artist, and even get a few details on some exciting new music coming.  We were very happy to have him with us today so sit back and enjoy. Information on today's guest:

Joshua Swerin aka Galaxy Lapse

Local to the Spokane area, Galaxy Lapse brings us some unique EDM (Electronic Dance Music) from the comfort of his own home studio.  He is an up and coming artist, with a unique sound, and puts a lot of work into every detail of his music.  Make sure to check out his work, offered for free for your enjoyment.


Geek of all Trades: Yasmine Cortier

Today’s guest is Yasmine Cortier, musician, comedian, and DJ extraordinaire.  Tune in to learn a lot about what it is like to be an Iranian American woman in the entertainment business.  Find her at:

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/yasminecortier

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMQaL3Ew8amOe9pwrTjzMmA

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yasminecortier

Geek News:

Facebook is making it even harder for small businesses to succeed:



Diablo III Reaper of Souls Expansion released on Tuesday March 25, have you played it yet?:



New Trailer released for X-Men: Days of Future Past, did it show too much?:


Geek of all Trades Podcast - Stephanie Arieno

Today's guest is photography geek Stephanie Arieno, a highly experienced professional photographer. Find her at ShmilyFacePhotography.com and Facebook.com/shmilyfacephoto

To find more information on today's topics:

Will’s quick look at South Park’s new game.

Titanfall released yesterday, are we getting it, have we got it, are we interested?

More information swims out of the sludge about the PS4 VR system -http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/03/12/playstation-vr-headset-may-debut-next-week

Games are in the lead for funding on Kickstarter -  http://bit.ly/1pVae1q

EA wants to continue to suckle at the teat of the original Mass Effect Trilogy - http://trib.al/UwXaXCM

Spring Fever hits PlayStation Network - http://dtoid.it/1i08RZ

A Mario edition of Connect Four is going to be a thing - http://dtoid.it/1q0n5zI

Project Spark announced for Xbox One - http://bit.ly/1q6pw3I

A blast from hilariously bad video game past, Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn comes to Kickstarter http://trib.al/mLHy5va

Piggybacking off the success of The Last of Us, a movie adaptation follows - http://bit.ly/1lCpyzx

Archer is being renewed for a 6th AND 7th season -  http://go.ign.com/1jXw5le

Telltale And Gearbox SXSW panel share first Tales From The Borderlands details http://bit.ly/1h2qB6a

In a somewhat odd move, PS3 box art will soon match that of it’s younger brother - http://bit.ly/1k8hG5P

GameStop raises price of PS4 camera due to high demand - http://dtoid.it/1fjchbI

Microsoft wants to tailor political ads based on your data - http://go.ign.com/1kbuvwi

The Witcher 3 is being delayed until February 2015 - http://bit.ly/1dML9ke

EDM artist Skrillex uses Alien Ride to debut tracks from his new album - http://bit.ly/1kfs5gn

Sony and Panasonic have announced a 300GB disc since apparently people still use those - http://go.ign.com/1g665iI

More information on our artist partner:


More information on our biggest supporter, Yasmine Cortier:


And as always, don't forget to visit our new home:


And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

Geek of all Trades Podcast - Ben Honeycutt

Today’s Geek of the Week is comic book artist Ben Honeycutt. Find him on Twitter, @outlaworange or on Facebook, https://facebook.com/benhoneycuttart

Currently working with Dead Gentlemen Productions, the folks behind The Gamers, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, and The Gamers: Hands of Fate. Find them at http://deadgentlemen.com/ or on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/deadgentlemen

Contributing artist on an upcoming Web comic series called “Demon Hunters”

Find more info at Demon-hunters.com

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  • Tangential discussion; Steam vs Origin vs uPlay?