Episode 20: Presence Graced

Today's Never Ending Random Discussion has got a double whammy of hosts gracing us with their infrequent presences!  We have our own Merlot Williams dropping by for his once in a while spot, and we got not one, but both of the Arieno's from Shmily Face Photography as well.  Today's is an informative cast.  Off we go!  



Merlot Williams


Stephanie and TJ of Shmily Face Photography


Play Titanfall free for PC for 48 hours, and buy the full game for half off

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition released for PS4 and Xbone

Day Z coming to PS4

Konami shut down Metal Gear remake

Half Life 1, made for the Source Engine

Xbox One TV streaming to most mobile devices

Kickstarter, and it’s abusers

Now that’s a nifty thumb drive

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Minority Report TV Series in Development From Steven Spielberg

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Relentlessly cheerful art

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Kevin Smith Teaming Up With Johnny Depp For Yoga Hosers

Follow up: US Copyright Office states monkey selfies and other pictures in public domain

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Verizon possibly releasing it's own app store... again

Will YouTube Music Key ever actually, well, launch?

Did Sharp actually release a cool phone in the US? Kinda not really

Patent troll stops suing Adam Carolla when he finds out there's no money in podcasts

Scientists create transparent solar concentrator

Two Ancient Mayan Cities Discovered Deep in Mexican Jungle

Genetically Altered Pig-Heart Survives More Than A Year Inside Baboon

Sea creatures are discovered living on the exterior of the ISS

Real Cheese From A Lab, No Cow Necessary