Episode 21: Mobile Explosion

With the IFA 2014 and the Motorola private event, we have quite the mobile explosion this week.  We talk about the newly announced phones from Samsung, Motorola, and even Huwaei.  We also get down and dirty with some wearable news, including the house favorite, Moto 360.  As well as other assorted tech releases this week.  We also get into our favorite subject with some fun science news, and even get to talk about some upcoming new Movies and Television.  Overall, a pretty fun talk today here at The Drakkarium.  Make sure to let us know what you think! Don't forget to contribute before time runs out! bit.ly/drakkgogo 








Stylus lovers, take note

Edgy new design from Samsung


X marks the spot

Ain't nothin' but a G thang

A story worth watching

Is anyone here going to take the Hint?

The price of the Gwatchr... is too damn high

Kobo actually did something I care about

Huawei actually did something I care about