Episode 17: Lady Part Kayaks and More

On this week's Never Ending Random Discussion we have a new guest Host, some new production changes you may or may not notice, and even a video that may or may not make it out on time!  Due to severe weather knocking out power to our primary video producer's (John's) home, he got a little set back, but we are pushing forward!  Don't forget to hop over to our Indigogo campaign page and contribute and share!  We need all the help we can muster to make this podcasts that much better for you! The Drakkarium Podcast Upgrades Indigogo Campaign


Andrew: Head Geek

Amanda: Books Expert

John: Video Producer

James: Comics Expert

Charlie: That guy who lives in the basement

Simon: He doesn't like coconut

Topics (Categorized!?):


ZTE is going to be using the Google Now Launcher going forward

All the details about the NVIDIA Shield Tablet leak

Google will no longer call a game “free” if it offers IAP

Huge Google Maps update

What? Google and Samsung are disagreeing again? Inconceivable!


G+ ends its real names policy

Google is working to fix Chrome battery usage

Other tech

Remember the old Apple anti-IBM commercials? They’re super ironic now

Microsoft cuts 18,000 jobs, most from Nokia. Let’s keep that in perspective

Verizon kinda admits to slowing down Netflix traffic

Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited

But why?

Airbnb has a new logo. It looks like… something else <-- two links

A hoodie for headphones

Japanese woman arrested for making a 3D printed kayak modeled after her own vagina


520 million year old giant shrimp brain unearthed

It’s basically an eight pound velociraptor with four wings

A scientific journal just retracted 60 research papers