Episode 18: Hashtag Professionalism

Ok, this week's Never Ending Random Discussion is a bit of a change of pace.  Not only is the podcast itself longer than normal, we even overflowed so much that we recorded a second podcast as bonus to this one.  You can ingest quite a bit of hilarious content just with the primary podcast, but if you aren't satisfied with missing out on the fun, make sure to listen to the Bonus Content NERD released shortly after this one.  Thanks for tuning in and remember to come and give us a hand over at our indiegogo campaign! Help support The Drakkarium for Podcast Upgrades!


Andrew - Head Geek

Amanda - Books Expert

John -  Video Producer and Podcaster

Charlie - The guy who lives under the stairs

TJ - Regular guest host and professional photographer

Eric - Hilarious Geek and Podcaster




Amazing Spiderman 3 pushed back to make room for Sinister Six?

Wonder Woman, and more Sad Batman

Another Marvel movie is going to have a sequel! Anyone surprised?

Godzilla sequel announced

Halo: Nightfall looks awesome

Fight Club is getting a sequel. As a comic.

What happens when you let a Final Fantasy designer create a Batman?

On contractually obligated beards



Is Motorola finally going to make a Nexus?

Nvidia Shield Tablet officially announced

Cellphone unlocking is legal again

Hey, fuck your iPad!



Destiny Beta is in full swing

The Walking Dead Season 3 confirmed at SDCC

Firefly original cast returning to voice videogame


News about news

The co-founder / editor-in-chief of The Verge is moving to Bloomberg

Amazon is probably going to lose 500 million dollars over the next 90 days



Weird Al album debuts at #1

Happy Birthday copyright fraud lawsuit filed



Acetaminophen doesn’t work for back pain

New evidence suggests all dinosaurs might have had feathers

Out of control lizards fucking in space create best headlines ever<--Two links

New battery tech boosts efficiency by 7x



Bonus content

The Philley is coming to town!

Helios finale is less than 300 miles away. We're all, going, right?

Genetic Surgery? What the?!