Episode 4: Demon Hunters, Cell Phones and Wrestlemania

Another Never Ending Random Discussion has hit the 'waves.

Our Hosts:

Andrew Risenhoover - Head Geek

Merlot Williams - Second in Command, writer of WARNING: INCOMING RANT

Amanda King - Lead Books Geek

James Jackson - Lead Comics Geek

Our Guest:

Ben Honeycutt - Freelance comic artist, currently working with Dead Gentlemen Productions and the new Demon Hunters comic.  Make sure to read the comic!

Our Topics:

  • DG Demon Hunters
  • Heartbleed Bug
  • New Galaxy S5 released
  • Wrestlemania News
  • Wreck it Ralph sequel
  • Borderlands 2 prequel
  • MSoft considering XBOX 360 backwards compatibility
  • Kinect is a joke