NERD 98: Everyone is Dead

Andrew, Steven, and Producer Will are joined by improviser Tom Olson, and Runway Renegades Ronnie Ryno for a hilarious, and fashionable extravaganza! Tune in to hear about a yearly, and one of a kind, fashion show for charity. Tune in for a surprise twist ending, and a one of a kind Hollywood Translator.

Out of Context Clues:

Runway Renegades, Fashion, Beyond Pink, Public Domain vs Fair Use, Eclipses, Ignorance, Helen Keller, Japanese Porn, Camping, Trespassing, Hobos, Vagabonds, Coke, Death, Apocalypse, Swimming, Floating, Dingy, Boat, Indians vs Indians, World Issue Troubleshooting, Boning, Steven creates a continuity break in the show, and probably some more?

Guest Info:

Check out Runway Renegades at or on Facebook at

Go attend the 10th annual Runway Renegades on September 16th, at the Spokane Convention Center, tickets available at all TicketsWest outlets and at

Check out the Beyond Pink event this October, Friday the 13th at the Spokane Convention Center, and you can pick up tickets for that directly from

Tom reminds you to support your Public Broadcasting, like PBS and late night advertisements.

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