NERD 119: Michael Buys A Pizza

On this week's show your NERD crew is joined by comics Jessica Watson and Michael Glatzmaier, a mix to bring all the laughs. Tune in for that and get the latest Andrew's Finnish-ing Move and Hollywood Translator.

Support Michael and Natasha as they recover from a terrible robbery:

Out of Context Clues:

Mikey got robbed, Mike is hosting for Tim Meadows, Mike vs Burr in a boxing match, Promo for Drink N Debate, Greatest Showman, Mike likes to bring food to a podcast, Netflix movie Bright, We are all hungry, Will’s bad Seinfeld impression, Jessica loved Seinfeld’s newest special, Jessica Yodels, and Michael does right after, Michael cries about Pizza Hut, ham, Baby Got Ham song, Mike is contemplating marriage again, Jess is divorced, How Mike would propose to Tasha, Love and relationships, Tasha’s Tacoma Sweater, Mike tells a Phil story, Heckler stories, Harry Riley stories, Mike almost gets into a fight, Hovering hipster, Tasha is a strong willed woman, Feminism vs Equality, Jessica’s dick pic, Stand up intros, History of comedy documentary, women in comedy episode

The Randomest of Quotes:

“Did you just say you were going to punch that guy in the asshole?”

“Do you still consent to watching this?”

“Don’t worry girl, if I learn how to work this app I got your back”

“I like meat”

“I’m just so bad at english, that generally what I sing is funny”

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