NERD 110: Escort Licenses

Andrew, Steven, and Producer Will welcome back Anastasia Aguon and Andrea Parrish and we cooked up a good time. Tune in for stories, fantastic questions from A Thousand Things To Talk About, and the latest in Hollywood Translator.

Out of Context Clues:
Ted Talks, Clueless, Failures, Phones, Guilty pleasures, Interrogations, Bribes, Bill Cosby, BBQ Sauce, Stranger Things, British Bake Off, Eclairs, Thailand, Carbonated Fruit, Dresden Files, Lord Of The Rings, Hank and John Green, Turtles All The Way Down, Instant Climax, Placenta, Terrain, Nickelback, and more.

Quoteable Quotes:

“It’s like a big mac for my ears” - Steven Bateman
“I think it’s called the Ripped Bodice” - Andrea Parish
“I’m going to lick your carpet Andrew” - Anastasia Aguon
“There are so many different types of vaginas” - Anastasia Aguon
“Knock on wood, I’ve never had a yeast infection” - Anastasia Aguon
 “You shouldn’t even being having a reaction” - Steven Bateman

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