NERD 109: Throat Flute

On this week's NERD Steven, Andrew, and Producer Will welcome first time guests Jessica Watson and Tom Meifjord. Both stellar local comedians, they bring a whole host of laughs to the show. Don't miss this week's installment of the Hollywood Translator.

Seattle International Comedy Competition:

Spokane Comedy Mixtape Volume Two:

Cephalopops-Octopies GoFundMe:

Out of Context Clues:
Soundboard Jessica, Photoshop for audio, Now you’re aware, Jessica is paleo, Mousetrap, Saw, Cloud Atlas, mother!, Peeing on things to own them, NPR, Analysis of Stan, The Foreigner, Ghostbusters into the demon child desks, Telephone impressions, Slasher, Z Nation is awful, but possibly good for Spokane, Local news, natural camera move, Sesame Street cancelled, and more.

Quotable Quotes:

“What about the prince symbol?” - Tom Meisfjord
“Maybe today’s NOT the day I pull the trigger” - Steven Bateman
“How’d you two meet, is it a funny story? No” - Tom Meisfjord
“If they get divorced I get two producer Christmases” - Gilman
“I was promised a show about a black kid in a van” - Tom Meisfjord
“There’s no reason why Cloud Atlas is a movie or a book?” - Jessica Watson

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