NERD 107: Nerd Flailing

Tune in for this slightly late edition of Never Ending Random Discussion as Steven, Andrew, and Producer Will welcome Boffers, LARPers, and Sandemonium Committee members Tarra and Aiden Millheim as they get down on some great stories, learnings, and general hilarity. And tune in for the newest installment of Hollywood Translator.

Out of Context Clues:
Nerd Flailing, Millheim’s are building a tiny house. All of the fun, and sacrifices therein, Diamonds and millennials, Assessing ages, Aiden is a partial nudist, Will’s silly theater story, Aiden choreographs a rock show, Introverts, Talking to strangers is weird, Aiden’s favorite beer and beer snobbery, Andrew The Bar Fly, GOAT Thief question… Change the world?, Really Dresden, and ID stories, Giving a fuck. Positives and negatives, Andrew's book story, Pat Rothfuss, Comic books & their movies, Mental Health normalization, Spiderman, Jason Momoa, and “the list”, Completionism with binge watching, Sports stop signs, Pee Pee Owl, Andrew’s funny poop, Cup Head, Lego Wedding and Zombie Cakes

Quotable Quotes:

“When a language s 90% dog whistle, you need a translator” - Doc Donut

“Zero to blowjob in record time” - Steven Bateman

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