NERD 106: Sunday Morning Stripper Buffet

Andrew, Steven, and Producer Will are join by Deece and Burr in a Pants Pending Dream Team Extravaganza. Check out what's new around the network, and get ready to laugh. Plus this week's installment of Hollywood Translator

Out of Context Clues:

Deece has AIDS and/or is sick, Andrew doesn’t avoid germs, Andrew segways into “Getting to know” people we already know, Deece vs GoDaddy Round 1, DOG LADY RANTS, “Celebrity”, Legal Age Countdowns, Would you rather? Stripper, or billboard for being a stripper, Burr tips in tokens, Will’s stripper stories, Deece’s glitter article, Burr lives near a strip club, Andrew’s bouncer friend, No one likes strip clubs, Sunday Morning Stripper Buffet, Steven’s strip club story, Deece corrupts a cousin, Not enough dick jokes, #DickJokeLife, No masturbation or porn in stand up for Deece or Will, Andrew’s gofundme was a success, Rapid fire thank yous for gofundme from Andrew, Burr’s name twin is a potential murderer, PT Cruiser from a Pawn Shop, Someone trolled Andrew on the name change, Lorenzo Lamas, Deece is still sick, Last worst sickness

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