NERD 105: Hacks


Andrew, Steven, and Producer Will are joined by advocate and activist for trans rights, Lexi Miller, as well as the ever charismatic drug addict, Nick Cavaiser. Tune in for a raucous good time. Andrew gets out of his hermit ways for a few days? Nick does more drugs? A new hilarious installment of Hollywood Translator? Yeah, it's all here. Let's do this.

Out of Context Clues:

Porn, The Hero, Molly, KFC, Racial Draft, Secret Blog, Tall Asians, Cyclops, Ogres, mother!, wrestiling, surprise penis, fries, Shrek, Jared Munson, Broken, Movie it Up, Vape, Ninjas, Wolves, Plugs, Origins, Stalkers, Drink N' Debate, Ryan McComb, Star Trek, Duck Tales

Quotable Quotes

“So it’s Birdman plus The Wrestler” - Steven Bateman 2017

“He’s not using all the extra ball room” - Lexi Miller 2017

“The old gods are dead, there is only surprise penis” - Nick Cavasier 2017

“I don’t wanna hear about ogres” - Steven Bateman 2017

“I don’t know if that is more progressive, than accidental” - Dr. Donut 2017

“Hashtag: Make America Vape Again” - Lexi Miller 2017

Lexi can be found on Instagram @violensrule2007

Nick can be found everywhere @passthecavasier and Spokomedy on Facebook

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