NERD 103: Thanks Google

Steven, Andrew, and Producer Will are back, and this time they drag along prior Ladies Night guest, Anastasia Aguon, along for the ride, as they welcome comedian Mark Morris into the studio. Tune in for a wacky cantankerous time!

Out of Context clues:
Fumbles, stumbles, old fogies, nipple piercings, exes, free stuff, weights, racism?, breastfeeding, home school vs public school, suicide, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, spectrums, alcoholism, house parties, Whiskey Dick, Straight Men, Chickens, Eye Contact, Demands of Art, Russian Videos, Touched by a Girl, Racist Feet, Pretending to do Impressions, Centipedes, Kids, and of course, this week's INSTALLMENT of Hollywood Translator.

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