The Merlot Minute for September 26th - October 3rd (Audio)

[Note, you'll hear me say "dereft". I actually meant bereft. #professionalism] Via IGN

Clerks 3 is happening due to Tusk

Angry Birds movie cast revealed

Self-Destructing hard drive is now a thing

I Am Legend is line for a reboot

Shit yeah! Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is shooting early next year! 


Via Gamer Headlines

On disc DLC from Destiny? Not so much

Total Biscuit calls Warner Bros. out for trying to buy YouTubers for review copies of LOTR: Shadow of Mordor

XP, Vista, 7, 8...10? Next Windows revealed


Via Game Zone

GameStop credit cards are now live

Spend $100, get $15 store credit on the PlayStation Store


Via IncGamers

Dragon Age Inquisition character creation detailed

Diablo news coming at Blizzcon?



Fans Remaking Ocarina of Time in the Style of A Link to the Past - Via Gamenesia

Battlefield: Hardline to be a mess at launch according to former DICE employee - Via

Tetris to be a sci-fi movie - Via GameInformer

Suikoden currently on sale for $3 on PSN - Via Operation Rainfall

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix hints at another remake - Via Niche Gamer




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