The Merlot Minute for October 4th - 10th (Audio)

[Apologies for the low noise quality. I didn't realize until I got the podcast (I did it in one take) fully recorded that my gain was way down on my mic. I should just change the name of this podcast to #professionalism] Make sure to keep up with Dead Gentlemen Productions and their webcomic Demon Hunters! Hide behind the pile of dead bards!

Via Game Revolution

People aren't using their consoles for Netflix as much

Smash Bros./Captain Toad get release dates

Themes coming to Xbox sometime

Via Niche Gamer

Yet another dumb name for a Final Fantasy game 

Square-Enix delays Dive-In


Dredd mini-series announced

Walking Dead is getting a sixth season. Primere tonight on AMC

Via Gamer Headlines

Dragon Age: Origins free on Origin until the 14th 

Xbox has Super Secret...thing in the works


The Crew delayed 2 weeks - via GameInformer

New Telltale Game of Thrones Trailer - via Game Zone

Classic franchises may be revived on Xbox - via Gamenesia


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