The Merlot Minute for November 1st - 7th (Audio)

Via IGN Colbert Report to end December 18th

Blizzard announces Overwatch (Via IncGamers)

Blizzard trademarks "Eye of Azshara"

Looks like a new Naruto manga is coming. Of course it is.

Pick Alliance or Horde for upcoming World of Warcraft movie


Via Gamenesia

Nintendo has an idea for new console

Trailer Released for Midora; kinda like Zelda

Dragon Age: Inquisition originally conceived as a multiplayer only title


Grab Bag

CDProjektRED knocks it out of the park again; 16 FREE DLC packs planned for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  - Via Gamer Headlines

Sony planning to add Microsoft PlayReady software (DRM) to multmedia services - Via Gaming Bolt






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