The Merlot Minute for January 3rd - 9th - 16th

January 3rd - 9th Via Gamer Headlines

Assassin's Creed Movie inbound

Kingdom Hearts 3 due out later this year...or not... (Game Zone) PlayStation TV price cut $20

Grab Bag

Snail releases info on Android powered "Obox"  - Via Game Zone

Initial info on the now SOLD OUT Majora's Mask 3D collectors bundle - Via Operation Rainfall

Shadowrun Hong Kong Kickstarter goes live - Via Blue's News (VR World)


January 10th - 16th

Via Game Zone

Name changes for Minecraft detailed

New Nintendo 3DS detailed

Via Niche Gamer   

Banjo Kazooie, Viva Pinata and Battletoads  name dropped in plans for Microsoft IP

New Fire Emblem inbound 

Grab Bag

PlayStation Anniversary Sale details - Via Gamer Headlines

Royalty Free Music option available on twitch now

Xbox One sees $50 permanent price drop


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