Meeting of Minds: Ingress Edition

We are back for another Meeting of Minds podcast.  A special edition podcast we release when the occasion calls for it.  Recently, a game that most of us here at The Drakkarium play underwent a huge update.  Something that is being hailed as the first full expansion pack of the explosive hit Ingress, a game straight out of the Google compound. Ingress is an augmented reality video game, that utilizes your Android phone's GPS location.  It's a game targeted at getting people up and moving, and not just hidden behind a screen in a dark corner somewhere.  The game is like no other out there, so it has always been very difficult to explain to others.  The best way to learn about the game, is to play it.  Visit the Google Play Store to download and play now, and join in on the fun fight to save the human race.  Choose your faction wisely, for one may not be what it seems.

Download Ingress Now

Today we have Andrew, our head geek, and John Zander, our Android expert, discussing the new changes to the game.  From the great things that have changed, to the things that could be different.  As always we welcome all comments and feedback to keep the discussion going.

Keep on Geekin' on!