Holiday Special 2016

It's the holidays, and with the spirit of the holidays in us, we have brought you a special episode this week! Welcome to the Holiday Special 2016! Andrew is the sole host this evening, and he welcomes in some fantastic holiday figures as we get to discuss it all! We ended up having three very great holiday guests this week. Joining us was the Ghost of Christmas yet to come, the Ghost of Christmas Past....'s Personal Assistant Cindy, and the third Wise Man, the one that brought the Mir! We came to know him as Mel. Something that's never happened on any NERD before happens tonight! This is well worth checking out.


Santa Claus was played by Steven Batema
- Professional Funny Man, NERD Co-Host, and Pants Pending Leadership

Ghost of Christmas yet to come was played by Phil Lindsey
- CEO of The Corporation, CEO of Mobius Science Center, and CEO of being great.

Ghost of Christmas Past's Personal Assistant Cindy was played by Jessica Carson
- Professional Voice Over Artist, Comedian, Improviser, Radio Personality, and more.

Melchoir of Persia (Wise Man number 3) was played by Will Gilman
- Host of The Hustle, Self Proclaimed Underboss of Pants Pending Studios, General Funny Dude.

Don't forget to check out Mobius Science Center for the last week of Bodies Human Anatomy in Motion


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