Geek of all Trades *Special Edition*: Steven Bateman

We welcome you all today to a special edition of the Geek of all Trades podcast.  Today's episode has a special guest joining us today, Steven Bateman.  What makes this podcast special?  Well, Steven's work is time sensitive, so we wanted to make sure to get this out quick enough so you could catch one of the many things he does.  Steven is a comedian, improv actor, and entrepreneur.  It was fun getting to know him in The Drakkarium studio, and we hope you enjoy the show.

Steven Bateman:

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His improv shows can be found at The Blue Door Theater

Check out the Vapor Lounge in Spokane, and ask for the Select, to try out Steven's e-cigarette products.

He mentions the studio he partners with the produce their new podcast as being, however as a correction the link is actually -