Geek of all Trades: Galaxy Lapse

On this edition of the Geek of all Trades podcast we have a very special guest in the studio.  We have the very talented EDM artist that composed and produced the theme song to The Drakkarium.  Merlot Williams and Andrew take some time to get to know Josh, aka Galaxy Lapse, in this interview.  We learn a lot of what it means to be an EDM artist, and even get a few details on some exciting new music coming.  We were very happy to have him with us today so sit back and enjoy. Information on today's guest:

Joshua Swerin aka Galaxy Lapse

Local to the Spokane area, Galaxy Lapse brings us some unique EDM (Electronic Dance Music) from the comfort of his own home studio.  He is an up and coming artist, with a unique sound, and puts a lot of work into every detail of his music.  Make sure to check out his work, offered for free for your enjoyment.