Episode 82: A Thousand Things to NERD About

Andrew and Steven return for the weekly addition, this time bringing along Ladies Night Lady Host, Trina, and the three of them welcome Andrea Parrish to the studio.

Andrea is the brilliant mind behind A Thousand Things To Talk About, and you should certainly check her out.

athousandthingstotalkabout.com or search A Thousand Things To Talk About on your favorite podcastching app.

Out of Context:

Drunken child beating, Winter 2: Electric Boogaloo, Andrew's sucks at stories, Cheese, Potato Juice, and 7.851268534627387482675854822538562856387545387458275845872735642875875487568276387468275783548755387578357265457745678736786387547856387467536835765786328676732784578265876474563876387268528557627864782867578728456852745582457857252

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