Episode 71: Crossover

Never Ending Random Discussion and The Social Hour are crossing over this week! Join Steven, Andrew, Deece, and Tras for a huge, hilarious crossover event for the history books.

Here are your non-sequiturs:

Deece and Tras say nice things about Pants Pending friend and author, Alex Fedyr, during the Patreon only segment before the show, Pigeons are delicious and illegal, Does Deece hate it? The answer might surprise you, Deece is afraid of italian women, Deece drops a knowledge bomb, Choice of Words, 1990's curruption jokes?, Deece regrets, Tras looks like a very famous celebrity and dressed the part.

This week's Amazon review is the Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

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All music by: Kevin Mcleod from Incompetech.com

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