Episode 61: Election Night(mare)

Join Andrew and Steven as they welcome Marjorie and Will back to the studio.  You all know both this guests, but remember you can find the Seagull Sloths on their Facebook Page, and you can find The Hustle right here on the network. We had a hodgepodge of opinions on this evening, as regards to the big event happening parallel to the recording, the election. We had three different opinions on this year's election, but we all agreed that the entire this was a dumpster fire.  This term has become common place to refer to the year 2016, and it's that because it's true.  This year has been awful, and not just because we got hit by the orange fake tan cheeto dust wave that is totalitarian Trump.  We had an overabundance of notable people dying, disasters, poverty, a rise in white supremacy, a rise in racism towards our Muslim friends, our Mexican friends, our lovely women, and the wonderful LGBTQ community.  We've seen a rise in gun violence, as well as in Police shootings.  I could go on, but you get it, this year was awful, for everyone, and it was capped off by the sudden panic and fear from what the next four years means for us.  This fact hit me pretty hard during this episode, so for anyone who actually reads the show notes, let me apologize for anything I may have said in my sudden irrational anger.  We can't let this farce of an election win, we can't let people lose their civil liberties because people who claim to be the most Patriotic have deemed them unworthy of them.  We have to stand up more than ever and make the changes happen whether the stubborn asshats like it or not.  We have to progress as a society, and we have to stop all forms of encouraged inequality.  People need to learn real fast that just because you don't agree with something, does not mean no one can do/be it.  You don't believe in homosexuality? I hate to break the news, but it does exist, it's all around us, and they have just as much rights as you do, and that goes for marriage as well.

Soapbox over, for now.  Just know that we here at Pants Pending Studios believe in the equal rights of every human being on this planet, period.

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