Episode 036: PS5 Backwards Compatibility? Nintendo x Microsoft Team Up? And Seriously, Whats With All The Hate On Anthem?


Good Morning Coin Droppers!

I know... I know we've been gone for quite some time again and I do apologize. This episode was even uploaded late (I suck) and I do apologize. Also, I've said this before but this time I mean it (!)? We're looking at revamping our patreon and trying to figure out focus and content. We've got some plans to make becoming a Patron actually worth something. The we've said that a few times but the last project we had we got to like the 99% completion and crashed. Basically we decided to scrap the idea citing that it was stupid and likely not what you guys want. SOOOO we're working on it. Again. In the mean time!...

We're talking about some hot rumors that have been flying around that we felt needed addressing.

PS5 MAYBE fully backwards compatible back to PS1? What would that look like and how would it work?

PS Plus pulls PS3 and PSV games from their monthly free games (Lame!)

Horizon Zero Dawn sells 10 mil units (I'm pretty impressed) and there may be a squeal soonish?

Nintendo x Microsoft team up? Yea, don't hold your breath.

Pokemon Sword & Shield announced! The first "home console" Pokemon?

and last but seriously not least. What's up with all the Anthem hate?

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Co-Founder Russ

AKA: Lord Asshole

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