Episode 032: Epic's New Game Store, Obsidian's "The Outer Worlds", Crash Team Remake, And So Much More


Good Evening Loyal Coindropers! Sorry for the delayed post on this one it's been a rather difficult few days. Regardless we have a ton to tell you about! Epics new game store is a true contender to Steam and we'll tell you why! Obsidian's last multi-platform game "The Outer Worlds" looks pretty interesting. We're getting a remake of Crash Team Racing which is a true rival to the ever-popular Mario Kart. Far Cry: New Dawn is an interesting game and we'll tell you why. Dragon Age 4/ The Dread Wolf is a direct squeal to Inquisition and we'll tell you how (minor spoilers if you haven't beaten DA: I.) Fallout 76 seems to STILL be having issues and of course, the game we said was the game of the generation wins the game of the year award. Yes God of War is truly a masterpiece to be sure. Anthem continues to hype us with their latest trailer. Dauntless comes to consoles and Judgement is officially coming to the West! Last but not least make sure you stick with us to the end to hear about a rather interesting new (old?) game that just launched 1.0. It's called Kenshi and it seems to be a very interesting game. Here's the link so you can check it out yourself. https://lofigames.com/

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