Episode 028: (27) Rockstar Employees "100 hour weeks" and Days Gone delayed again! It's a good thing.


Hello loyal listeners! thanks again for joining us just to catch you up here there was a mistake last week and this week on our podcast episode numbering. Last week I said it was 27 but it was actually Ep 26 and THIS is EP 27. However, we unfortunately caught this issue AFTER the edit so next week will be 28A in an effort to get us back on track! sorry for the confusion.

Today we're talking about the over reaction and misunderstanding around Rockstar's "100 hour work weeks", some corrections to our announcement last week about D3 getting cross play, a new(ish) game called Pathfinder Kingmaker and Days Gone has been delayed again. But it's a good thing and we'll tell you why. 

Thanks again for listening and let us know what you think of the show! 

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