Pre-Pants Pending Episode 8 - Michael Koep

Another delay, and another return!

Michael Koep is the drummer for the bands Kite, and the Rub. He is also a published author, and I am of the opinion that this man is magnificent at anything he sets his mind to.

His book "The Invasion of Heaven" is now available. It is part one of "The Newirth Mythology", and I believe it is worth your time.

You can find out more about Michael at

Pre-Pants Pending Episode 7 - Jessica Carson

After a delay, Case No Point returns! (At least it didn't take several years this time...)

For this episode, I'm joined by my friend, voiceover artist Jessica Carson.

Among the topics discussed: Comedy, working in radio, and the challenges (and rewards) of raising an autistic son.

Plus, "Jessica's Birthday Song" is included at the end of the episode.

You can potentially hire Jessica for voice work at

Pre-Pants Pending Episode 6 - Dawn Sanger

Dawn Sanger is a good friend of mine who is very easy to talk to, and she is absolutely hilarious in my opinion. I'm trying to convince her and my friend Jeff Burris (from episode 2 of this podcast) to become comedy writers in their non-existent spare time.

I am also of the opinion that Dawn has great taste in music. She built a playlist on Spotify called "Woot" that you can listen to by clicking on these words.

Pre-Pants Pending Episode 4 - Sum


The Case No Point Podcast is back! 

Sure, it's been a few years, which probably translates to approximately "one eternity" in internet time. Nevertheless, it is back and I'm happy to report that my first guest is Sum!

Sum created "Dragon Vol. 1" in 2012, and it is one of my favorite albums by anyone, ever.

You can download it for free at:

I think this Feedburner link should still work for the podcast if you want to subscribe, so my 4 subscribers might be in for quite a surprise when this episode has finished uploading.

Pre-Pants Pending Episode 2 - Ken Mahru Interview

It's another 48 minute special interview episode, and this time I'm not the focus! Yay!

Ken Mahru is a dear friend, and one of many songfighters visiting Spokane for the 9th annual Songfight Live show. The first day of Songfight Rock and Rocker is going to take place later today as I type these words, or Friday, July 17th for those of you who are reading this in a future that I have yet to experience yet. Click here to view the event's website.

This episode features music by multiple musical projects that Ken has been involved in:

Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff
The Seamus Collective
Berkeley Social Scene


Glenn Case

Pre-Pants Pending Episode 1 - Glenn Case is interviewed by Brian C. Baer

See, I didn't make you wait long for the next episode at all! Mere moments, in fact!

The bad news is that this 48 minute double bonus edition of the podcast is all about me! Oh snap! Steer clear from this episode if you don't want to go into Glenn Case overload. 

Regardless, you should make sure to listen to episode 6. Great music to be heard, and none of it involves me.

This episode features music by multiple musical projects I've been involved in:

Glenn and Rachael
Glenn Case
Buffalo Jones
The Grammar Club


Glenn Case