Episode 017 Points and Pints

Dedicated to the people of the UK.
Watch the first 30 minutes at https://youtu.be/tjcdsVYsNVg
We're a little late, but its all good! A lot of things have happened in the UK and we discuss some of the positive things that came out of it. The people there were nothing but kind to Cassie and I so I wanted to dedicate this show to them, hoping things get better. I was voted Hero of the Week by listeners of Premiere London, so the least I could do is discuss some heroes from there. We also discuss Dog Show points, Lilac City Comicon, the Batmobile, Doggie Racism and discuss your answers to my question about your weirdest date.

Also, we're still trying to get our story on Ellen, so keep tweeting and asking. You're doing great! Soon, I will dance on that stage. LOL Help Cassie and I spread our positive message about social media and get on The Ellen Show, mainly because I want to dance, but also, the social media thing. Spread the word and write to them please. http://www.ellentv.com/be-on-the-show...

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