Episode 079 Are You Lonesome Tonight


Join us this week as we see what you think are the most sad songs ever recorded and what Spotify thinks are sad. We also get into Oceans 8, Jurassic World, Tag and more, plus Celebrity news, Nearly News and the Burn of the Week!

PLUS, a bonus episode of Smart Investing (the show I've produced and co-hosted for over 12 years) www.smartinvestingshow.com

All songs played on this podcast are copyrighted by their owner/creator/distributers and there was no financial gain on this podcast for playing them.
Love Hurts/Nazareth
Cats In The Cradle/Harry Chapin
Cancer/ Twenty One Pilots
Just A Dream/Carrie Underwood
He Stopped Loving Her Today/George Jones
A Soldiers Silent Night/Father Ted Berndt
Last Kiss/Pearl Jam
Mr. Custer/Larry Verne
Are you Lonesome Tonight/Elvis Presley
Three Times A Lady/Commodores
First Time I Saw Your Face/Roberta Flack

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