Episode 110 How To Make A Podcast / Avengers Endgame Review

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Have you ever wondered how to create your own podcast? It's a question I get a lot and let's face it, there aren't enough podcasts in the World, so I take about 30 minutes to explain in the easiest way I can, how you can start your very own podcast.

Then, with 40 years of reading comic books and my wife who's only read maybe 3, but both of us loving the Marvel movies, give a FULL ON SPOILERS review of Avengers Endgame. We give our opinion on the happiest, saddest and funnest moments from the movie. I also give some insight on general themes that have played out over the last 10 years, a couple of Easter Eggs you may have missed and give you answers to some questions you may have. 

I also, of course, dedicate it to the BMEx Hero Of The Week. 

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