Episode 064 The Alone Ranger


It's quarter to three
There's no-one in the place
'Cept You and me.
So set 'em up Joe,
I've got a little story
I think you should know
By myself in the studio tonight, so here's a mega-mini episode. You see, I hate reruns and because I care about you, I've done some new Nearly News along with a visit to Scan BC, but since I had no one to talk to, it's a little shorter episode than usual, but to make it up to my great listeners, I've included a special Jedi Wizards Den with Johnathon Knight Hunters semi-spoiler review of Avengers Infinity War where he goes after a few choice critics. Then its an episode of the show I produce, Smart Investing. It's like a Golden Corral of podcasts. Some things are for you and others you may pass on, but at least its fresh, right?

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