Episode 054 Tears of a Clown


We answer some emails about last weeks podcast and there's some doozies. Also, have you wondered why I have problems with this administration? Well, I stumble through an excerpt from The President’s Devotional by Joshua Dubois and compare this administration and the last administration, which helps explain why I stand for the things I do. **Please note, while reading the excerpt, you need to understand that we are absolutely not laughing at the subject matter, but the fact that I can't read a few simple paragraphs without sobbing like a jilted prom date.

We then lighten things up with Nearly News, hot Cheetos and a trip to our favorite Twitter feed, ScanBC.

I also try to add some more comedy after the podcast as I tack on new episodes of The Jedi Wizards Den and Barbara Knightingales Tough Love.


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Have  you ever heard those shows where two parents toss  witty banter towards  each other as they talk about their kids for more than half the show?  Well, this ain't one of those shows. This is what marriage with kids is  really like.