Episode 050 Turning 50


 A double sized issue podcast!


I talk about hitting a number in age I'd rather not say out loud, plus, who else is turning 50? Taylor drops by with some random facts and we stop by our favorite Canadian Twitter feed, SCANBC.
We also start the new movie award show, THE BIG BM'S!
You could win a trophy by successfully guessing who will win the Oscars. Just email your picks for Best movie/Actor/Actress/Animated Film.
PLUS, I give you my nominations for  the Big BM's. Movies and actors that didn't quit make the cut this year and movies that deserve to be in the Oscars.
 Want to vote? Go to the Burr Martin Experience facebook page and vote for your favorite movie and actor. No one sees all the Oscar movies, which is why I've created the The Big BM's, movies that should get awards because these are the movies people REALLY saw.
PLUS, as a bonus, after the end credits of the podcast, stay tuned for a bonus episode of Barbara Knightingales Tough Love AND a bonus episode of The Jedi Wizards Den.
Have you ever heard those shows where two parents toss witty banter towards each other as they talk about their kids for more than half the show? Well, this ain't one of those shows. This is what marriage with kids is really like.
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