Episode 048 Toxic Relationships


What was to be a simple talk with my daughter about a break she recently had, turned into a discussion about domestic abuse and how easily it can sneak into your relationship. Not all domestic abuse is physical, as we find out from Cassie, who slowly started to realize that's exactly the situation she may have been in.

We urge people to listen to this "special edition" episode if you feel you or someone you know may be involved in a toxic relationship.

I, pants pending and everyone else on the face of the earth do not condone any type of "justice" or repercussions to those mentioned and insist that all listeners to the podcast avoid any and all attacks or postings to any people or places talked about in the podcast..

We share this discussion as a warning for those who may be in trouble.

Later, to lighten the mood a bit, Barbara Knightingale's will be by with her segment: Tough Love and will give us her opinion on some other toxic relationships from around the internet. That and some Nearly News.

Have you ever heard those shows where two parents toss witty banter towards each other as they talk about their kids for more than half the show? Well, this ain't one of those shows. This is what marriage with kids is really like.

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