Episode 047 Viral Money Howbou Dah


How far is too far when it comes to making money off You Tube? We look at Viral "stars" and what they've done for money, while seeing what our listeners also have to say.

We then get into Match Martin's Movies for your chance to win something, Nearly News, Trumps a "stable Genius"  and more!

PLUS! A bonus podcast after the show!

Johnathon Knight Hunter, from the Jedi Wizards Den, now has his mom doing her own show.

Join her for "Barbara Knightingale's Tough Love" as she tries to help people connect with Life, love and relationships.

Have you ever heard those shows where two parents toss witty banter towards each other as they talk about their kids for more than half the show? Well, this ain't one of those shows. This is what marriage with kids is really like.

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