Episode 046 The Holiday Special


Come back in time for our quaint little special. It's not commercial free, but commercial fun! With special guest stars Andrew Dresden from Pants Pending and the NERD, Deece Casillas from The Social Hour and the boys from The Hustle.

This is a shorter version, so you'll still have time to spend with those in-laws you dislike. Also, plenty of time to get all bloody trying to get build that bike to get under the tree in time.

The Burr Martin Experience podcast, brought to you by Pants Pending Studios, is hosted by the Internets "Selfie Dad", who was made famous overnight by recreating his daughters selfies on Instagram.

Have you ever heard those shows where two parents toss  witty banter towards each other as they talk about their kids for more than half the show? Well, this ain't one of those shows. This is what marriage with kids is really like.

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