WARNING: INCOMING RANT; Geekdom's Bad Habits

I've been far too busy to be angry about much of anything outside of everyday life but today I resurrect the RANT! This rant is brought to you by the second point that spurned on the rest of my thinking, so hold on to your asses all. This is gonna be a long one.

Today, we look at all of the bad habits of geekdom. We are all guilty of at least one of these points at some time in our lives. ALL of us. No exceptions.

  • Anime fans insistence on Japanese pronunciations

I used to be a huge anime fan. These days I don't have the time to sink into the 5,928 episodes that most series boast but in my high school days I couldn't get enough of anime and Japanese video games.

I studied the Japanese language for four years (three high school, one college) and learned a great deal about Japanese culture and could get a Japanese person to laugh at me a bit with my limited knowledge of their vast and difficult language.

In my Japanese classes there were a select few that were very annoying. Even outside the class they would yell out "SUGOI!" or call each other "Baka!" when they were in the halls or other places. (Sugoi - amazing; baka - idiot) Later, after discovering the Bad Webcomics Wiki (thank you Benjamin), I found out that there was a pejorative term for these individuals. Weeaboos or wapanese. In short, what this means is that they are white people or westerners with a gross misunderstanding of the Japanese culture and insist on using Japanese words repeatedly that they usually picked up from anime.

This gets worse when it extends into their speech regarding anime or video games. The biggest offender of which that I have seen is the way that weeaboos insist on calling Aeris from Final Fantasy VII by her Japanese pronunciation Aeirith.

The Katakana spelling of the name is this -

エ - E (pronounced as in wretch)

ア - a (pronounced as in Shawn)

リ - ri (pronounced "ree")

ス - su (like it looks)

Katakana is the list of characters that the Japanese use to translate foreign words. From that spelling, I don't know where they picked up the "th" at the end but whatever. It has since been made canon but I can't complain too much. This is a mild case despite how often I see it.

It really chaps my ass when I see it used with English names. I was linked to a deviantART page once that depicted a fan drawing of the main characters from the anime series Trigun and Gungrave. The characters names are Vash the Stampede and Brandon Heat respectively.

One commenter referred to Brandon as Boo-ra-n-dohn Hee-to. Like he was saying it in Katakana.

...IT'S AN ENGLISH NAME! THAT'S ENGLISH! I don't care how big of a fan you are, that's an English name, say the damn thing in ENGLISH! You look like a total tool who wishes they could have been born in the birthplace of Pocky Sticks and ramen noodles and like you believe Japan is one big anime/game convention. Tone that shit down. Speaking of insistent terminology...

  • It's LARA Croft

The Tomb Raider series has been around for the better part of two decades. 14 games and 2 upcoming titles over 18 years not to mention the theatrical release. It's a household name. I'd venture to say that Tomb Raider is right up on the level with games like Final Fantasy, MegaMan, Halo, and Call of Duty that people outside of the gaming sphere know.

Yet and still, over 18 years in the making and people still can't pronounce her damn name right!


  • You should read the book, it's so much better! They left out...

Books are from the devil, and TV is twice as fast.

- Master Shake

This one is going to piss off my wife and our Books Writer and many others I'm sure. I can't see movies based on books with people that read the books.

I can't stand reading books. I've stated on many podcasts and possibly writings before that I don't have a great imagination when it comes to books. People say that books can take you to worlds beyond your wildest dreams and send you on a whirlwind adventure.

I see words on a page.

I'm a very visual person and maybe that's why I took to video games as I did. I don't mind reading the story, as that's how in older console games that the story was conveyed. Through words. I love being told a good story but someone else has to paint the picture for me.

I've seen many movies based on books and, without fail, one of my friends or family will always say, "That movie was crap! They left out A, B, C, and D! So and so had this happen! That character wasn't even in the book! OH MAH GAWWWWD!"

Look, books take time to read and I don't have time for that. If they can give me the Cliff's Notes in 2 hours, give or take, I'm fine with that. It's much faster.

Plus, the book would ruin the movie for me.

  • Brand Loyalty

The Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. the iPhone. Nintendo vs. Sega. Xbox vs. PlayStation. Facebook vs. Google+.

Whatever you use is shit, mine is better and here's why.

I saw this mostly growing up. The biggest thing for me was the console wars of the Nintendo/Sega era. Your parents only had enough money to buy you one console, so if you were the one kid with a Sega and everyone else had Super Nintendos, they would inquire as to why this was. The Sega sucks, the Super is better!

No way man! I got the better one! You guys all suck!

It's all a moot point because it boils down to opinion. Use or play what you like regardless of what other people think. Our own Head Geek Andrew and I have been in many heated arguements over the merits of Facebook against Google+. He loves Google+, I don't and I'm growing increasingly irritated that Facebook is trying to be Google+.

That's neither here nor there. The main point I'm making is to diversify your tastes. You miss out on a shitload of content or something that may be better than what you currently use simply by being closed-minded and steadfast to a brand just because it's your brand.

Besides that, the console wars are all futile anyway. PC gaming, from an unbiased standpoint, offers the most power and versatility and the system will last you the longest. This is coming from a console tard.

  • You aren't a real geek

This one, above all others, irritates me the most. Too often now, much like the point mentioned above, people draw sharp lines on what they like or hold dear. If someone enters that world that is an outsider, they are ostracized and considered a "fake" geek.

Many people cite being labelled as social outcasts earlier in life as their badge of honor to make their particular geekdom their hill to die on. They will defend it fervently until the last drop of blood is spilled and it makes absolutely no sense to me.

This isn't limited to people that follow traditional geeky hobbies either. During last football season the Seattle Seahawks (the team of my state) stomped balls in the playoffs and made it to the NFC Championship game and would later DESTROY the Denver Broncos at the Super Bowl. I watched both championship games and was surprisingly into them for the little bit I even cared for sports.

However, all over social media I saw people bash the Hawks, say they were a bad team, their team should have made it, and that people like me who were fair weather fans weren't "real" football fans.

What difference did it make to them really? Did it diminish their enjoyment of the game that a few "outsiders" enjoyed the same hobby, if even for a few weeks, that they did? Did it make them less of a fan? It's not like most traditional geeky hobbies that carry a stigma with them from early life. So what the fuck did they care? Why did they need to call me a "fake" football fan? It's the most popular sport in America for fuck's sake!

If any of you feel the need to martyr someone to your sect of geekdom and shun them, take a look at yourself for a minute and remember that feeling of being ostracized and made fun of.

Remember how it felt for you to be alone and think for a second before you label the vapid looking girl buying Call of Duty who you think is buying it as a gift for her boyfriend but is actually the leader of her own CoD Clan ranked 4th in the world. Remember that when that skinny looking nerdy guy is in the sports shop buying a team jersey when he is actually a factoid machine who knows more about the history of not only football but worldwide sports and could smoke you in a trivia contest on your own team. After all that, if it's truly that big a deal to you, roll your eyes, make your judgment and keep walking.

Geekdom is to be celebrated. To be shared. Let's quit being assholes to each other and create a better community free of all the bullshit back and forth and bullying based on being "real" or "fake". Who knows, you might even make a new friend.