Why Android, Why?

It is well known within the circle of people who know me, and sometimes further than that, that I am an Android fan, as well as a fan of most Google products.  Why?  Because they just hit it right for me near 100% of the time.  From my first smartphone, to my first tablet computer, all the way to now, with my newest smartphone and tablet, Android has always won out.  Yes, there was a time in the beginning where Apple wasn’t available to me as an option, primarily carrier availability, but their prices were—and are—far too high for what you get.  Don’t get me wrong, Apple makes decent devices, but truth be told, they aren’t much—if at all—better than a comparable Android device, and in most cases, said Android device is cheaper.  It may not be a huge price difference between flagship to flagship, but on the whole, Android phones are the value.  You get features packed in tight, some even Apple hasn’t even factored in yet, in a clean inexpensive unit.  My favorite of all the series of Androids out there has been the Samsung Galaxy series.  I owned the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, Samsung’s very first Galaxy phone, loaded with top end gear including the first iteration of the AMOLED screens, which rivaled what Apple had to offer.  My second phone was the Samsung Galaxy S II Hercules, bigger, faster, better screen, a vast improvement from one to the other.  More recently I have adopted the (you guessed it) Samsung Galaxy S III, and I could not be any happier, and that is with the iPhone 5 available as well.  I would love to see a head to head, flagship to flagship launch of the next Samsung Galaxy model and Apple’s newest iPhone, because I truly believe that Samsung would win that sales race, because they just got it right.

But why Android?  What about it has garnered my undying loyalty?  What sets it apart from iOS?  All good questions, and I hope that I can convey it here.  Android has always just been exactly what I needed, whether it be in feature, use, or feel.  They make development easy for those willing to venture into that world, and making it easier for enthusiasts such as myself to dabble with the results of those devs.  Cyanogenmod for example, a completely custom version of the operating system, based off of an entire community’s ideas and requests.  Can you find these things on iOS? No, not in the slightest.  Don’t let anyone tell you that jailbreaking an iPhone gives you near the same things that a full custom ROM can.  I can change virtually everything about my phone, from battery size, to theme, and everything in between.  So what about those people that don’t want to mod their phones, or are just looking for ease of use from a device?  Well, if you have ever seen a Samsung device, and how it is built, they are directly built for the everyday person without skimping on hardware.  Countless apps, utilities, pieces of hardware, all of that, all made to make the everyday person’s day easier or more enjoyable.  I could and would go on and on about neat (gimmicky) features that the masses love, but that is another blog.

So why do I complain so much about certain Android things?  Short answer is easy; because Google sets the bar for themselves, and I hold them to it.  Lately there have been a few things I found lacking in the Google/Chrome/Android world, and it is just not up to the quality we as Android consumers are looking for.  One of the biggest is, after this many years, why is it they have yet to find a battery that can last a full days use, that doesn’t make the phone weigh more than my left boot?  For the same matter, one that isn’t the size of my left boot?  Battery technology grows every day, and manufacturers keep choosing one or two generations behind in battery tech, and just keep throwing mAh at it.  Build an OS that uses less power to run, build a battery that can keep up, hell, utilize kinetic technology or solar power to trickle charge the thing throughout the day!  None of these things are out of grasp.  Find a new screen technology not based on glass?  That can’t be too far-fetched, right?  This one I haven’t done much research on, but there has to be a better solution, is Plexiglas so out of the question?  Another gripe I have on Android is the complete utter lack of decent gaming.  Nvidia Shield is out, but extremely few games available, and even less of them worth playing, in my opinion.  You want to show the masses that gaming on Android is a good idea? Throw one of those super popular games on there like, you know, Call of Duty or Madden.  Prove to people that playing these games on mobile, or even on the Shield, is worth it.  Mobile gaming can be such a great market for this if Android and the developers catch up with what Nvidia has done already.

What it comes down to is, Android has a much higher potential in the long run of things than Apple’s hardware and software combo.  They are not limited to one view of the product, because many manufacturers get a crack at building devices, Google affords them all the pleasure of tweaking Android’s software to fit their needs and their vision of Android.  Gaming is a huge potential market, if they would put for the actual effort of making it work.  They have the potential and always have.  Apple is a rock solid product, but it will always be leashed by its limitations.


These are my thoughts.