WARNING: INCOMING RANT's Week in for March 8th - 14th

This edition of the week in will be a bit of an "in case you missed it". For the rest of the good news, don't forget to check out the latest edition of the Geek of All Trades podcast here! Via IGN

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  • Possibly the biggest news for gamers this week, rental options temporarily appeared on the PlayStation Store earlier this week. The site PSNStores found a listing for the game Catherine and the game had 1-day and 7-day rental options. The listing was under "CatherinePSNow".

    This is very interesting. To the best of my knowledge, digital game rentals aren't really a thing yet and PlayStation could possibly be ahead of the curve with this technology. Between Steam allowing digital sharing of games and if this is what Sony had in mind for PSNow, Microsoft and Nintendo are really going to have to step their game up. Ha, game.

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