WARNING: INCOMING RANT's Week In for January 4th - 10th

A quick news wrap-up is incoming! The Consumer Electronics show was this week and it brought in a slew of interesting announcements like the beginning of the oft joked about WWE Network, Sony's new PlayStation Now Streaming service, how Samsung wants to make the Galaxy series of phones more like the iPhone, and Nvidia is wanting to make your cell phones a serious gaming device. From elsewhere around the web:

Via IGN:

Via Joystiq:

  • CDProjektRed's gog.com just turned 5 years old! If you've never checked it out but recognize any of the following game titles:
  1. Leisure Suit Larry
  2. Space/King's/Police Quest
  3. Stonekeep
  4. Might and Magic
  5. Septerra Core

Be sure to check them out!

Via Destructoid:

That's all for this week! See ya around!