WARNING: INCOMING RANT's Week In for January 24th - 31st

A lot of disheartening news has come out of Nintendo's camp this week which worries me for the long time developer and publisher. With the massive popularity of the "big-boy" consoles it looks like Nintendo has to implement some big changes soon or may get lost in the fray. The first bit of Nintendo news came this week via Kotaku with the rumor from Nikkei magazine that Nintendo was going to release some kind of free mini-game on smartphones. This would later be changed with Nintendo's official announcement that they would be making apps for phones and that they hadn't ruled out games as a possibility. It was also announced later in the week that Nintendo is looking into mergers/acquisitions and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has stood firm that Nintendo will not go third party and that the WiiU will not be getting a price cut any time soon.

Nintendo has weathered storms in the gaming industry before, and I've gone on record on the Good Talk Podcast as saying that Nintendo had another 5 good years in them before things got dire. Apparently the record sales of the 3DS and the vast library of games has not kept Nintendo as king of the mountain as I had thought.

They have already adjusted WiiU sales projections from 9 million down to 2.8 million and their stock price took a nose dive after that announcement to their shareholders. As optimistic as Iwata is, I don't really think he wants his companies' business model to change. Complacency with the original Wii console made Nintendo cocky since they sold gangbusters and the Wii remains one of the best selling consoles of all time. I would hate to see Nintendo go third party but I think that they might be going the way of SEGA sooner than we thought they would.

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