WARNING: INCOMING RANT’S Week In for February 1st - 7th

Pretty slow news week overall this week. Apparently something called "Flappy Bird" came out, was a huge hit, was bashed for plagarism, and subsequently taken down just today. The big thing though for games that matter was the backlash of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes due to it's announced playtime in correlation with it's price.

For the uninitiated, Ground Zeroes is the opening chapter for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. As embargoes were lifted, many gaming outlets began stating that the main objectives of this chapter could be completed in as little as 2 hours.

Not a big deal, many indie games are around that length and don't overstay their welcome...

...Until you look up the price tags. Last gen systems will get the game for $20 digital, $30 physical and current gen systems will get the game for $30 digital, $40 physical.

That is fucking unacceptable.

I currently have a copy on pre-order and I'm torn as to what I should do. My mind tells me that this could start a really bad trend in the game industry (like they don't have enough already) in that you could be paying upwards of $30 for a damn demo! My heart on the other hand aches for more Metal Gear. It's been about a year since the release of Rising and I need more of this franchise in my life.

The sickening part about it is it seems like this is geared toward the unsuspecting layman. Someone who may not have even played a Metal Gear game before. Kojima himself said part of the reason that Quiet was dressed the way she was was to sell action figures and inspire cosplayers. In today's politically correct society, "oversexualizing" a character is not the way to go about doing that.

Anyone who is new to gaming and picks this up looking for a new shooter experience is going to absolutely shit on this game all over the internet no matter how good it is. $40 for 2 - 4 hours of content is not going to fly with the general populace.

As big a fan as I am, I cannot overlook this issue. I want to buy it to play it, to add it to my collection and see more of the story of Big Boss unfold. I want to justify purchasing this game but I just logically can't despite Kojima's defense of the game's length. He says that the game is more open world than before and to focus on the "play time" not the "clear time". I guess I'll buy it as a fan and use my pseudo-journalism here to justify it. Thanks Drakkarium!

In other news:

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RANT OVER guys! 'Til next time!