WARNING: INCOMING RANT's The Week In for October 20th - 26th

On this installment of “The Week In” on W:IR, we discuss the death of a last gen powerhouse, mending fences and burning brigdes!


Via Kotaku:

  • Nintendo finally lays the juggernaut known as the Wii to rest. Narry a harcore gamer gave a pig fart.
  • The developers of the highly anticipated indie MMO Cube World have given a much needed update on the game’s status.
  • Target has made amends for the abrupt cancelling of PS4 pre-orders due to game delays to the tune of a $100 Target gift card. Wish I would have pre-ordered one from there.
  • A bunch of dicks who made bots for WoW lost their court case to the tune of $7 million dollars and is accepting donations to pay the fines. Fuck ‘em.
  • Apparently Keyblades can change into guns in Kingdom Hearts III. Guess they wanna get in on that bro-gamer money.

Via Destructoid:

Via IGN:

  • The Ouya (which is apparently still a thing) was spoken of by it’s company president recently. "Made a lot of mistakes"? I’d say that’s an understatement.
  • And finally, if you hadn’t heard about it yet, Sony is running a Sale of the Dead on a shitload of titles right now on the PlayStation Network. I originally found out about it here. The sale runs through November 4th.


This week in Square-Living-In-A-Perpetual-State-Of-Bad-Decisions-Enix’s bad decision making, they have decided to put microtransactions in their upcoming title Bravely Default.

Because they just can’t fucking help themselves. No console (handheld or TV) should contain microtransactions when you charge someone full retail price. Come on Square, you’re slipping again!

A politician (surprise) is once again trying to keep the horrible youth destroying video games from the kids of America (surprise) by describing how you can kill people in Grand Theft Auto V

Christ almighty. If people actually tried to talk to their kids and, y’know, BE PARENTS this wouldn’t even be a fucking issue.

I first played Splatterhouse for the Sega Genesis at age 7. I remember the conversation my father had with me about the game being fake and that it was all make-believe. He told me he didn’t want me trying to copy that stuff in real life. I got the same lecture about Vampire Hunter D when I first saw it, and guess what?

I got it.

Kids aren’t as stupid as the media would have you believe. If you explain a child something in terms that they can understand and do your job as a fucking parent your kid has a way less likely chance to be a total waste of oxygen.

On top of this, in my time as a retail wage whore, I was instructed that for all M-Rated video games that I was REQUIRED to point out the rating and show them why on the back of the box.

Quit letting Uncle TV and Cousin Video Games raise your kids!

Microsoft once again wants to remind us that they are letting you buy, trade and sell your games! Get the facts!

It’s almost laughable at this point how desperate Microsoft is to keep their spot at the console king of the hill in America. As of a week ago Sony is at nearly a quarter million pre-orders above Microsoft. The article linked states that they are catching up, but it is evident that some of the damage done will not be repaired.

Sony had a clear and concise message from the jump. One that they have stuck to since day one.

Xbox fanboys can complain all they want, and you’re free to *COUGHWASTECOUGH* oh, man. Sorry about that. You’re free to spend your money however you choose.

I’ll be spending mine on quality, reputation and good-will.

(Archived rant, original post from Tumblr on Ocotber 26th, 2013)