WARNING: INCOMING RANT's The Week In for October 13th - 20th

Hello again fans! I am back from a brief hiatus and getting adjusted to my new life as a father to bring you a new segment here on WARNING: INCOMING RANT!

As you all know by now, I am a guest host on my friend John Dibell’s Good Talk Podcast. During the week, I take notes for the show that we discuss on air. There have been a couple times now where I have been unable to make the podcast for various reasons and since I want to cover the news while it is relevant, I am now going to use those notes for a segment here on my personal blog called “The Week In”.

I will divide the sections into News and Rants which I will have snippets on the happenings in the news, and brief rants where warranted. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Via Kotaku:

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  • Dragon’s Crown’s cross-platform play from the PS3 to the PSVita is now live!

Finally, a friend referred me to the website for Elder Scrolls Online and the character creation process alone looks stunning with a ton of customization!


Square-Living-In-A-Perpetual-State-Of-Bad-Decisions-Enix has said that the reason that Final Fantasy VII has not come to mobile phones is it is too big.

Bullshit. The reason that they haven’t ported it to mobile is because they’re still getting money flowing in from the Steam release. People have been running ROM hacks of this game on their phones for years, and they just recently announced ports of Dragon Quests I-VIII (the last of which being a PlayStation 2 title).

Stop feeding us this bullshit and give us a full HD remake. We’ve wanted it ever since the abortion that was Final Fantasy X-2. You finally decided to ease up on the bad decision making by stating that Type-0 and Agito would see western shores, and created a QA team for JUST the Final Fantasy series. You’re starting to listen, but it seems you just keep your fingers in your ears regarding VII.

Microsoft has announced that their “Games with Gold” service will be continuing. It was originally stated that it would die with the launch of the Xbox One

So fucking what? Sony has been doing this for nearly a year and a half already and lists decent games that are fairly recent such as Kingdoms of Amalur and inFamous 2 amongst it’s list of free downloadable titles.

That’s not to say that Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2 are bad games, just that they are so damn old that anyone who cares has long since beaten them or picked them up second hand out of a bargain bin.

The author of the article said that he had yet to find any wording in their fine print that stated once your Live service ended that the games would go with it like they do with the PlayStation and this has been confirmed by a few in the comments section.

However, you still need the subscription of Xbox Live to use subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. whereas with the PlayStation you don’t and the games are better.

Point: Sony.

Relating to the persistent shitstorm that is Microsoft, the team developing Ryse: Son of Rome (an Xbox One exclusive) announced via Twitter that they were on crunch time for the next month or so to get the game out on time. This spurned quite the negative reaction from the public.

And I can’t say I blame them. After the Mass Effect 3 riots a couple years back, publishers need to learn to give their dev teams more time to deliver a complete package.

You have to feel for these teams working unreal hours for next to no recognition from their evil overlords for the love of the games that we all play and that these people put their blood, sweat and tears into.

With Christmas around the corner, I’d be willing to bet that many companies will enforce non-disclosure agreements with their employees forbidding them to speak on such matters after this overwhelmingly negative reaction.

(Archived rant, original post from Tumblr on October 20th, 2013)