WARNING: INCOMING RANT; There is no Bias; The Xbox One is a Bad System

Accusations of bias are running rampant in all tech-related forums in the new console war between the Xbox One and PS4. You can’t go into any forum on the internet related to E3 news without seeing fans from both sides slinging mud at each other.

Xbox fanboys are accusing sites like Kotaku of bias toward Microsoft and saying that Sony fans and the reporting journalists alike have no integrity because they already had blind hatred for Microsoft.

They also point to the PS4 now requiring PlayStation Plus for online multiplayer as well as saying that publishers will be able to sneak in their own DRM; using this as evidence in their minds that make the PS4 and Xbox One on equal footing.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Just compare the two.

Scott Rohde has stated that one business cannot tell another business how to run. While I am not 100% stoked about the PS Plus requirement for online gaming or publishers having control of DRM loopholes, I believe that this is not only a good thing for gamers overall, but good in terms of Sony’s business model. I wish that I could be as trusting as Mr. Rohde in terms of thinking that publishers would listen to the people as far as not wanting DRM. I do not believe that publishers will embrace that.

Microsoft in contrast has given a big fuck you to consumers with Don Mattrick and Phil Spencer both saying “If you don’t have access to sturdy broadband internet, there’s always the 360!”.

I guess they don’t want us to have the new, cutting edge technology which makes sense since their return will be much higher on a 360 than it will on the One at launch time.

Another popular argument that Microsoft fanboys are making is “Big deal. I’m always online anyway and I buy my games new. It doesn’t affect me.”

It doesn’t affect me either in that sense. But I’m not going to willfully take it up the ass from a company that wants me to always have it’s gimmicky camera hooked in to my console, wants to see if my “shit is legit” at any given time (since there is no time frame addressed for the One to perform it’s check), and give away my right to trade in my property if I choose.

The PS Plus requirement for online gaming doesn’t affect me either, as I already have a year membership that came with the PS3 bundle I bought a couple weeks ago. Above and beyond that, I would rather support a company that at least on it’s system level is not treating me like I owe them a debt because I chose to buy “their” property.

Maddox has stated that we are all “fucking idiots” because we are hailing Sony as a hero for “not being as bad as the other guy”. To a degree, I agree with that. It’s a sad realization that we have come to this in the gaming community.

Unfortunately this is the world we live in now. It doesn’t make it right, but such is reality.

Bottom line however, Microsoft got schooled at E3 this year. They are going to have to change the way they do business if they want to keep up with Sony.

(Archived rant, original post from Tumblr on June 13th, 2013)