WARNING: INCOMING RANT; SquEnix Will not Remake Final Fantasy VII. Here’s Why:

In seeing this news on Kotaku, it finally hit me after my rant the other day.

I have it. The solution. The reason why Square-Enix refuses to re-make Final Fantasy VII in stunning HD.

It’s not because of a team size constraint and it’s not because they want a Final Fantasy title to surpass the popularity of this landmark RPG.

They don’t need to because we keep buying it without them having to remake it.

With the Steam release today, this game has now been released 5 times. As I mentioned in my last rant, they know how popular the game is. They constantly get questions about a remake.

However, they know the original will sell just with the simple inclusion of achievements and for the nostalgia of playing it one more time just as we remembered it.

But that’s the thing. I don’t want to play it like I remember it. The game is long as hell. I want this game to do well and to reach a wider audience.

An update would do wonders for this game. You would not only get the nostalgia dollar of those of us that purchased the game once (or twice…or five times…) but with the shiny new graphics the kids seem to love these days, you would get a brand new audience to experience a classic.

Unlike Metal Gear Solid this game has not even come close to getting a remake. They could re-use assets from Advent Children significantly cutting production time and cost.

I’m sick of seeing straight ports of this title. If they continue to re-release the original in its base form a few more times, many people will get burned out by the time (if they even ever) decide to remake this game. I still have my original PlayStation copy of this game black label. I won’t buy a port because of achievements.

Give this God damn game the remake it deserves Square-Enix. God knows we damn well want it.

(Archived rant, original post from Tumblr on July 4th, 2013)